for the fags dykes queers boygirls girlboys of helsinki and adjacent areas

for those fed up with the state of and lack of real trans spaces in helsinki

for those fed up with rainbow consumerism in a pretty pink package

even for those who hate beer!!!

join the sleazefest by bringing a can of the nastiest, cheapest or most interesting beer you can find and sharing it with others. alcohol-free beer is a plus, the idea of this event is not to get shitfaced, but to satirize wine tasting and the idea that a 50 euro price tag is needed for communal events.

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respect others around you as well as your surroundings. don't be an asshole, don't harrass anyone. please clean up all your trash!

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the gathering will take place in Sibelius park, Töölö, near the Ilmatar ja sotka sculpture. a progress pride flag will mark the spot!

A picture of the Ilmatar ja sotka statue. It depicts a nude figure, sitting, throwing their head and arms back while a bird sits on their lap, wings wide open.

the date is thursday, 28th of july 2022, and starting time is around 17:15.
you can come and go as you please, the person organizing and typing this will probably be there until 20 or 21.

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the gathering takes place in a grassy park with gravel paths. the park area has pavement around it with approximately 5cm thresholds when crossing over the Välskärinkatu road.
the pavement's threshold is slightly less high at the junction of Välskärinkatu and Humalistonkatu.

A picture of a map of the area in Töölö surrounding the library. The gathering place near the statue is marked with a wavy line and the number one, while the Töölö library is marked with a number two and Korjaamo with a number three.

peeing is critical! in the map above, 1 is the area of the park near the statue. 2 is the Töölö library and 3 is Korjaamo, an event venue. these spaces have toilets. the Töölö library is open until 20 and Korjaamo until 23.

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the pavement's thresholds at two crosswalks over Topeliuksenkatu are not lowered at both ends of the crosswalk and are around 3-5cm high.

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you may spread this website-invitation around to people you know and trust and think would like to come along! :)

prepare for the chance to participate in writing your beer reviews for a zine!

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